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About Naldo

who we are

and where are we going?

who we are Naldo is a collaboration of Pam and Arnie White, who started this company when they started their relationship. Pam does most of the designing and styling, Arnie does the rest of the biz, and the website. Pam has been creating her entire life, as a musician, chef, clothing designer, and mother. Arnie has been an intrepid traveler and photographer since his teens, and continues to be optimistic. Jumble all of this stuff together, and you get Naldo.
We spend half of our time at our home base in Madison, Virginia. We spend half of our time at our other home base in Mexico. Then, somehow, we spend half of our time traveling, seeing parts of the world we have not yet visited. This leads to a pretty busy and creative life.

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more links We spend most of our time working (and living) in Mexico, but also source from Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Europe. Having traveled to over 40 countries (and counting), I have compiled an extensive photography portfolio that I have been posting to my photo site.
You can click on the link at the bottom to view some of my photography.
We also try to bring along our collapsible, folding kayak whenever possible.

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